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Half-Minute Hero Sequel Announced


According to a Famitsu report, last year's briefest, 8-bitiest PSP game, Half-Minute Hero, will be getting a sequel. The new iteration of the game is said to continue to place heavy emphasis on fast adventuring and plowing quickly through battle, though time will freeze while traversing the overworld map.

The original game featured four modes. In Hero 30, you are given 30 seconds to save the Princess from the Evil Lord, where random battles consist of the hero and enemy running at each other until one of them dies. Time can be extended by offering money to the time goddess, though it costs more each visit. Princess 30 puts you in charge of the Princess who must leave the castle to find an item that will save her dying father, however due to danger the queen will only keep the door open for 30 seconds. Evil Lord 30 puts you into a real-time strategy game in which the Evil Lord must gather troops and take down the opposing force - you guessed it, in 30 seconds. Lastly, Knight 30 flips the stage. The knight must hold off oncoming attacks while a sage takes 30 seconds to cast a spell ridding the area of monsters.

The sequel will include four new modes as well as a four-player co-op mode, a quest creation tool, and a neverending battle mode in which the player will go up against the game's bosses in succession.

Currently translated as "Hero 30 Second", the game is expected to be released in Japan on November 4.