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You're got 1500 quests to finish up, and just a few months before a major expansion will utterly decimate the game world your avatar grew up in?  You, sir, are going to need a little pick me up for all those long nights! A little energy - perhaps, even, a little mana?

Well, look no further!  Harcos Laboratories is your one-stop source for all your video-game-friendly energy needs!  Fingers feeling sluggish while playing your finger-wiggler? Bam, Mana Energy Potion!  WASDing your way alone through the harsh irradiated landscape that used to be a landmark of Americana and feelin' a little down? Go nuke yourself with a vial of Nuclear Energy Powder!  Your dorm room of survivors getting slaughtered by the undead after writing through a long all-nighter? Suck down an infusion of Zombie Blood and go get those headshots!

Check out all the offerings on Harcos' website!

Psssst!!  Do you just really love Twilight, but don't know how to tell your guild?  Try sending 'em a hint with a few IV bags of Blood Energy Potion...


Mana Energy Potions are actually pretty good, though they taste exactly how you think alot of Vitamin B would taste. It's essentially twice the amount of ingrediants (give or take) you'd get in a 5-Hour Energy drink.

However, those red Health Energy Potions taste awful. Bleh ;p

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