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Move Bowling: Déjà vu All Over Again


First of all, get used to hearing me mention the Wii, because I’m going to bring it up a lot.  With Sony’s new Brunswick Pro Bowling, it’s pretty much impossible not to.

Put simply, bowling with Sony’s Playstation Move feels pretty much the same as bowling on Nintendo’s Wii.  It’s marketed as a more advanced and realistic bowling experience, but I failed to see any indication that it was bringing anything new to the table. 

This game made me realize that the Move may have some added features that the Wii can’t handle, but basically it’s still just “Wii-HD”.  The bowling literally played exactly like in Wii Sports, except that in the Wii version, I actually felt like I had more control over the spin of the ball.  I love bowling, but I wouldn’t pay money for this game. 

Wii Sports bowling was a marvel, and the thrill of throwing rocks in my living room lasted quite a while.  However, four years later, it’s pretty clear that with the thrill of motion controls faded, all we are left with is a gimmicky bowling experience. If you can’t feel the weight of a ball in your hands, you’re really just flailing a remote in a way that vaguely resembles the real sport.  I’d rather just head over to a bowling alley and do the real thing.  Maybe that’s what the guys at Brunswick wanted all along. 

Brunswick Pro Bowling

Geniuses, those bowling moguls.  True geniuses.