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Too Much Free Time and a Hidden Blade



So I hate to nerd out, but in the past few months I've become something of an Assassin’s Creed fanboy ever since my romance with Assassin’s Creed 2. Even today I can't stop talking about that game. Maybe it's the historian in me talking (I majored in History, not that that was any useful) but the 15th century setting just froliced it's way into my dopamine synaptic pathway and slowly bloated and gorged like a Renaissance fair corset. Ah, bar wenches. Even though we split for a bit (The Battle of Forli), we made up by the roaring fires of burning idols and charred vessels of sin, compliments of Savonarola. I got all the U Play downloads, all the feathers, bought the extra maps. I even fashioned a hidden blade out of rubber bands, a batman gauntlet, and a butter knife; it tends to shoot out whenever it feels like it though.

So of course, it was like a girlfriend asking me to move in with her when Ubisoft announced an Ezio spin-off game. Sure there’s that great feeling of knowing “she really likes me,” but it was also that apprehension of, “is this where it all goes wrong?” To make it worse, after that announcement, all Ubisoft had to add was something about multiplayer and that was it. So yeah, now I feel like that girl waiting to be asked to prom. With no word, and left to my neurotic devices, all I’ve been doing is speculating.

Spin-off’s haven’t exactly had the greatest track record, but when done well, can be amazing. So, here are just some of my thoughts on what could make this Ezio game not decompose into a milked out heap of shit.

I loved combat in AC2; it was quick, varied, and allowed me a number of approaches, but honestly, there were only a few times in combat where I felt the threat of actually dying. This happened when I was heavily outnumbered, but then I could always just throw a smoke bomb, head up a building, and strike again. Hey, it makes sense; a highly trained assassin shouldn’t be bogged down by a bunch of grunts. But, it would be nice to feel vulnerable at times. Since, this next game is supposed to take place in the Templar stronghold, wouldn’t it be great to constantly get hunted down by Templar bought assassins? Enemies with all your skills and speed, the ability to blend in and even disarm you? It would provide a nice challenge if you had them track you down and attack at random, I mean not like Bioshock 2’s scripted “random big sister attacks,” but actually have them strike when your guard is down.

In terms of multiplayer, I have no idea if it’s going to be versus or co-op. I’m always open to a new direction, but I just hope it doesn’t water down the brand. My thoughts: versus mode could be pretty cool if it involves some form of “Stab! You’re it!” And if it’s co-op, I guess it would work a la Splinter Cell: Conviction, with two assassins working together to silently infiltrate a base in order to catch a target. Again, all speculation, but I’ve had a lot of time on my hands.