Crispy Gamer

Linkin Park's Eight Bit Rebellion


It’s not that I’ve played the new iPhone game by Linkin Park and found it detestable or in any way unsatisfactory. I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod touch or an iPad. It’s just sad to see video games going down the same path so many other mediums have traveled. Of course I should really say going further down, since every major movie comes with a matching game nowadays.

Linkin Park may or may not have made a great game. Either way, their popularity as musical artists is what will get their game sold—especially when beating the game unlocks an exclusive track. An, oh, the music in the game is remixed Linkin Park songs made to sound "old school."

For me Eight Bit Rebellion’s premise is far too aware it’s clever. The game is about an evil corporation trying to ruin games with good graphics. Because the only real games are ones from make in the day. Right.

We all know people who say there’s no good music/movies/books/games/whatever anymore. I know I here other 20 year olds say it. And not only are these people presumptuous, they’re also dead wrong. Every single art form is more alive and vibrant today than it has ever been. There’s never been a time with more TV shows, films, songs, games, etc. Mainstream may lack in quality—it always has—but independent is alive and well. So no, Linkin Park, I don’t fear the evil graphics companies even if mainstream games today do put so much emphasis on graphics. 

I have to give the boys in the band credit. Two members are former art school students who have developed their skills for some time. But in interviews the fellows themselves seem to suggest this game was simply a “different” way to get their music into a app.

Maybe I’m just being cynical. Those upstanding citizens from The Jersey Shore have a book deal so why can’t Linkin Park have a game. I’m sure that the band’s game will be higher in quality than the reality TV stars’ drivel. But, if you ask me, $4.99 is a little steep for a new song.