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Double Shot- Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing DLC



M 60’s, pills, virulent cannibals, but worst of all… ugly bridesmaid dresses; yeah, there goes the neighborhood. Valve didn’t just toss us a new map to shoot zombies on; not that this isn’t addictively fun, but it’s really Valve’s attention to detail that really makes The Passing memorable. I hadn’t played Left 4 Dead 2 in a while, but it was easy to jump back onto the zombi-cycle with a hot dishing of banter between Zoey and Nick at the beginning of the campaign. Let’s just say, someone finally called out Nick on his Colonel Sandersesque suit. I really liked how familiar the map felt; not in a “I’ve played this before” way, but in a “I’ve walked down this seedy alley before” way. Everyone’s been to this little southern town before, and you can tell something is wrong. Neon lights shining to no one in general, lonely shops that should be full of little old ladies buying souvenirs, as well as the stormy river growling at the coast's edge (not to mention the slightly temperamental denizens). This all spoke to Valve’s craft in atmospherics.

But mainly, it was things like being attacked by Zombie-bikers in a biker bar that made The Passing surreally fun. One room in the second chapter had several nods to other Zombieocalypse worlds, with 28 Days Later’s classic “The End Is Extremely F#@&ing Nigh” line being the subject of civility to other concerned passing survivors.

My favorite detail though: Zombie wedding! Maybe I’m the only one who fantasizes about taking a M 16 to a wedding. It was so much fun to see the actual underbelly of a wedding. To really see underpaid and stressed out waiters lash out like they want to, to see bridesmaids finally lose their shit about those damn dresses; this scene could very well be a social assessment on the passive-aggressiveness of weddings. And that wasn’t even the best part; let’s just say maybe the groom was late.

The M 60 definitely changes power flow. It’s really the definition of a zombie blender, and it really came in handy in the tunnels (quite a spooky moment I have to say). And I definitely loved the nod to classic Zombie movie music; it really recalls songs like “The Blue Wrath” (Shaun of the Dead). That connection got me thinking by the way; why not take Left 4 Dead to the streets of London next?