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Flashy Friday: Vol. 1

Flashy Friday is a new column here at Crispygamer. On occasional Friday’s we’ll showcase two new flash games that we particularly enjoyed. In addition to the new games, we’ll also highlight one older flash game, possibly reminding you of a game you once played and loved. Maybe this column could even reveal a game you have missed out on that you would take pleasure in.

Personally, I feel that Flash games don’t get the attention they deserve on gaming websites even though there are some great gameplay mechanics that all gamers and developers can learn from. Over the past couple years, popular Flash games have been getting attention by moving onto platforms like the iPhone, Xbox Live Arcade and Wiiware but, I still feel it’s important to acknowledge the free versions available on sites like

Without further ado, here are this week’s selections for Flashy Friday.

Continuity (Released 04/01/10)


Continuity’s premise is simple. Get the red key, and bring it to the red door. However, instead of being a standard platformer, you will have to align the different “stages” together in order to move your character from screen to screen. I find it amazing that the designer took two very standard gameplay mechanics of sliding puzzles and platforming and was able to create a unique game that is both enjoyable and challenging.

The minimalist graphic design and interface emphasizes the focus on puzzle gameplay as you won’t be looking at the tiles for their beauty. Adjacent edges need to match perfectly in order for you to pass through them, so the simplicity of the design is not only elegant but it is also necessary. However, if you fall down a disconnected pit that you thought was continuous, you will be sent back to the starting point of the level, which can be very frustrating if you have been going through a path for a couple of minutes.

This game sports 32 levels and once you get past level 12, the difficulty scales to point where each subsequent level will bring you closer to insanity. If you enjoy puzzles that will frustrate you to no end then you simply have to try this game.

Click here to play Continuity right now.

Robot Wants Kitty (Released 03/09/10)

Robot Wants Kitty

You are robot. You want the kitty. The kitty is right above you but need to get more abilities in order to get it. Awesomeness ensues.

The creator of this game describes Robot Wants Kitty as a “metroidvania” platformer, which is really accurate for describing how this game feels. At the beginning of the game all you can do is move left and right which makes avoiding nearly impossible until to realize that the “J” token underneath you is an upgrade that allows you to jump. And as you progress, you’ll get even more upgrades that will allow you access different areas previously unavailable to you.

What makes this game really fun though, is the atmosphere. The chip-tune music that changes with each new area you enter will keep you bopping your head and the text that goes along with describing each upgrade will certainly make you smile. That, and the fact that the entire game is based around a robot wanting a kitty. It’s adorable.

The game isn’t too long. My first run through totaled up to about 20 minutes but each time you die adds 20 seconds to your time and I know I died a lot. Good luck getting the 8-minute speed run badge though; you’ll have to memorize exactly where you have to go.

Click here to play Robot Wants Kitty right now.

Classic Flash Game
Dolphin Olympics 2 (Released 11/07/07)

Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics 2 is a "see how high you can get" game. Using the arrow keys, you can move your dolphin and when you jump out of the water you can rotate and spin to gain points, a la Tony Hawk: Pro Skater style. The twist on this game though is that with every trick and nice entry you make into the water, you gain more speed. Then, if you jump out of the water again fast enough to continue your chain, you'll gain even more speed.

But the game doesn't stop there. While deep in the sky and space, you can ride on different star slides and use their arcs to bounce yourself even higher into space, past the moon, mars, and all the way to friggin' Pluto (and beyond that even). The game seems simple enough but that’s only the skimming the surface.

To make it to the different planets will require hours of fine-tuning your jumps and entries, and damnit, this thing is massively addictive. It's quite possibly one of the most fun and simple flash games I've ever played. I only wish that all casual games had this amount of hidden depth that require insane skill to master.

Click here to play Dolphin Olympics 2 right now.

That’s it for this week’s Flashy Friday. Go forth and play those games!


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