Crispy Gamer

Initial Impressions: Splinter Cell: Conviction


Am I the only one that gets giddy when interactive toruture is mentioned? Now obviously I know that compelling inquiry and assesment of any source will yield deeper insight of the concerned subject matter, but haven't you ever wanted to just impale the source with a flag pole, or smash it's head through an occupied bathroom stall door? Inquiry and assesment going on while it chokes up, I mean "yields" that deep insight in a bloody and loosened tooth mess? I guess Splinter Cell Conviction started off well for me, this being one of the reasons. I don't think I'll be able to look at research the same way again.

I instantly recognized a shift in the direction of the the Splinter Cell series; Ubisoft has moved more towards the action aspect of the game, but not so much that SCC forgets it's heritage. It's a healthy change that blends great stealth and high caliber action. I've been able to just sneak my way through some portions with a silenced pistol, while at other points indulging in some blaring "Hey look at me I'm shooting stuff!" quality time with my very unsupressed shot gun. The introduction of the "Mark and Execute system," which allows you to pre-target multiple hostiles, allows Sam Fisher to instantly take out said targets with clean headshots, clearing a room while maintaining cover in true super spy fashion. I was a littel suspicious of it at first, but I'm grateful of this sytem so far. As long as it doesn't eventually allow me to pre-target ten people and then take them out in a triple axle of a bullet cyclone, I'm okay with it. SCC been a great game so far; look for the full review coming soon.