Crispy Gamer

The Quest for No Stars

Since we started voicing our opinions we've tried to shape them into a mathematical figure. Thus we deviced scores made up of fractions 7/10, letters B+, and stars.
Star rating systems are typically based around a four or five star max. Movies frequently follow the x/4, while music albumns are typically x/5. In Rock Band, there are five starts to achieve. If you do really well (on expert) you get five gold stars.
If you do a really bad job, you get three stars. But unlike in Guitar Hero, where three starts was the bare minimum, you can actually get two, one, or even zero stars in Rock Band. Here’s how.*
The technique:
Getting a low star rating involves utilizing the same concepts that gain you a high star rating: multiplier and star power, or energy/overdrive in Rock Band. (I will use them interchangeably).
To get a low star rating you need to get as few points as possible with out failing. It’s the last part that’s tricky. It’s very easy to accidentally fail while dangling about in the red and trying to hit nine out of every seventeen notes (or something like that). This is why you need a plan.
The plan:
- never let your multiplier get above 1 x while not in Overdrive, unless it’s to hit an Energy phase
- always hit star power phases, unless it will get your multiplier above 2x
- use your star power on sections with the most notes (as if going for a good score), then hit as few notes as possible to stay alive
- when your star power is about to run out, hit about 5-9 notes in a row to get your life bar all the way up to the top of the green; try to make these notes and not chords
- on vocals, you typically only need one “awesome” to get your meter to the top; activate your overdrive, nail an awesome, then wait for you life meter to fall
Two Stars
A two star rating is an option on just about every song in the game, on every instrument, on every difficulty. It’s easiest on bass—the max multiplier is six, instead of four, so it’s easier to get a combatively low multiplier (stars are based on multiplier). On any of the instruments you want to miss as many notes as possible without failing. On guitar you want to always hit notes of chords, since chords are worth more points.
On easy, medium, and hard you should be able to figure this out no problem. On expert, it will take some careful planning and knowledge of when to get and use overdrive. It’s actually easiest to do this on expert vocals, but only if you have really great command of your voice and know you can get an awesome on any phase you chose.
One Star
Getting one star is only possible on easy and medium, and it’s very tricky on medium. I achieved this coveted rating on my favorite song to low-star: Waves of Mutilation. Hello There, would probably work if you don’t have Rock Band 1 songs, or any DLC song under two minutes.
I’ve achieved the most success doing this on vocals, since easy vocals is very, very lenient about how many phases you can miss before you fail. It should be possible on all instruments on easy, and then some instruments, some times on medium. Your best luck will still be a short song.
0 Stars
Only possible on incredibly short songs, on easy, most likely only on vocals. The only song I have achieved the coveted zero start song on is Waves Of Mutilation. On easy vocals you can remain silent for the first third of the song before you have to sing. The game gives you the star automatically on the results screen but in your heart you know that you zero stared it and that you are a true bad ass.
I have more pictures to prove my insane method testing, but why subject you to their grainy camera phone quality? 
* The technique for achieving a low star rating is different if you have multiple people playing because of the "saving" mechanic of the game