Crispy Gamer

Sexy Gaming Won't Come Cheap


What's every gamer's fantasy? Inappropriate activity while playing Halo? All the time in the world to play WoW? Or is it to take down a hot chick in Call of Duty 4?

The creators of seem to believe it's the later. The new website offers guys a chance to play "flirty" or "dirty" games against the females of their choice, for a fee.

Players can play either 10 minute rounds of X-box 360 games including Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV and Halo, or casual PC flash games including Checkers, Battle Ship, Billiards, and Tic Tac Toe. With X-box games players communicate via headset only while PC games let girls showcase their goods via Webcam.

The website does not currently list the cost of these potentially erotic encounters. Given that girls can make upwards of $30 an hour--a rate slightly lower than traditional webcam models-- PlayDates probably don't come cheap.

Ladies who offer their gaming services fill out a profile including their schedule, game choice, images, and about me, physical description, turn ons and turn offs, a blog, and even the option of video. Guys who buy can rate ladies on Overall, Hotness, Gaming Skill, Flirtiness, and Dirtiness.

Currently, there's no word on when the site will go live but girls can sign up as PlayDates as soon as their hearts desire.