Crispy Gamer

Initial Impressions: Bad Company 2


  So I started playing Bad Company 2 last night and wanted to share some of my initial thoughts. Having been a fan of the first Bad Company, I started this game with some expectations. The first game's unconventional football-and-beer-warrior atmosphere to international conflict and affairs was really refreshing in a market filled with war games that try to put hair on your chest by showing you what “war really is.” I especially appreciated this lighthearted lazy-man feel in conjunction to a lot of things going “boom.” Does Bad Company 2 start like this? Well, there are still a lot of things that are enthusiastically combustible, but the average-man charm has been slighted a bit.

I almost feel like DICE may have taken a few peeks too many over Infinity Ward's shoulder while developing Bad Company 2. Bad Company 1 played with it's action in a Roger-Moore-era-James-Bond manner. Bad Company 2 starts with plenty of shooting and action, but more in the spirit of a titan-budgeted, summer logic-buster action movie that tries to take itself seriously. Well, let's see how it plays out; I'm still hoping there's another gold-plated helicopter. (Oh, um, Bad Company 1 spoiler alert I guess?)