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FF XII Report: Jones Meets A Lesbian-Boy Named Lamont, Raises EXP. Level to 15


On tap last night: More Final Fantasy XII goodness.

The Gang and I took our first road trip together, traveling to the far-away cloud city of Bhujerba, where, upon arrival, Balthier begins to act more and more like Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back. (Which makes Fran his Chewbacca. Or "Franbacca.") (Which is weird.)

No sooner do they land when they encounter Lamont, who appears to be either a lesbian or a boy, or some hybrid of the two.

I have only known one other Lamont in my life, and that is the Lamont who is Fred Sanford's son on the 1970's TV show, Sanford & Son.

Fake Lamont and Vaan go into the Lhusu Mines together to rescue Penelo, who has been kidnapped by a group of head hunters who are trying to lure Han Balthier into a trap. Once down in the Mines, I began to level up like a frigging maniac. Vaan and Fake Lamont make for a good team. Skeleton A and Skeleton B and Steeling D were getting totally hacked to pieces over and over again. I was really piling on the XP. Level 12, 13, and 14 just flew by. Whenever I was in trouble, without fail, Fake Lamont would send a healing potion my way.

Thanks, Fake Lamont!

I inadvertently triggered a cutscene, rescuing Penelo (sort of), and forcing me and Fake Lamont--who turns out to be Vayne's brother, the Marquis Ondore (WHAT!)--to part ways.

Goddamn it! If only I'd known that cutscene was coming! I would have stayed in the Mines for at least another hour or two, and really done some leveling up!

Goddamn it all!

After this, I got really, really tired of running through town and yelling out the fact that I AM BASCH, in the name of filling up my stupid, goddamn I-Am-Basch Meter. It took me a little while to figure it out (stay away from the guys wearing the green and brown outfits! They will empty your I-Am-Basch Meter) and even once I did, I thought, "Well, that was pretty dumb."

Last night's session--or "sesh" as I call them--ended with "The Gang" in handcuffs FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THE GAME. Man! These guys get handcuffed in one hour more often than the Rebel Alliance does in all three of the REAL S. Wars movies! But then they escape! Because Vossler was dressed AS AN IMPERIAL GUARD/STORMTROOPER, and managed to get them free!

Vossler and Vaan(me) took a few steps inside the Leviathan together. I found a Save Crystal and powered down for the night.

Here's a photograph of the real Lamont.