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Swag Tester Results: Be Thankful For Your Scribblenauts Rooster Caps



Give thanks, my friends, as you have been blessed with the gift of Scribblenauts swag. Two of you have, at least.

Commenter Hardsix must have curried the favor of the list-randomizing gods at, for the eternally wise computer belched "Hardsix" when asked to select this week's winner. Readers were asked to tell us why they wanted the goofy-looking chapeau:

I absolutely want this swag because...
why wouldn't somone want it, I mean look at it!!! LOOK AT IT I SAY!

Hmm. A rather inartful case, but the computer does not play favorites. I do, though, so for the runner-up prize—which in this case is the very same Scribblenauts hat—I choose Sasafras Jones. He covered all the bases in his reply:

Why should you let me have that cap? Well I'm glad you asked.

1) I live on the southern shore of Lake Erie, and while it doesn't get as cold here as other places, we sure do get out fair share of icy snowy lake effect death when the time is right. And boy does that hat look like the perfect thing to help me retain my body heat that would otherwise flow freely from my head.

2) I am a great fan of the Scribblenauts game and bought it on the day that it was releases at my local Gamestop. I feel that if I play this wonderful game while wearing this wonderful hat my life may be somewhat more complete.

3) I already have an extensive crazy hat collection and this would be an amazing addition to it.

4) I would promise to love and cherish you from this day forward. To sweeten the deal I would even be willing to throw in a free man hug and my first born child. I will notify you immediately upon the hypothetical conception of him/her.

No first-born child necessary; the hug will do just fine. In fact, go ahead and strike that item altogether.

If you don't hear from us soon re: mailing details, it might be because we don't have your email address! This especially pertains to people who came to us through Facebook. So email prizes at to collect your loot.

Give thanks this Thursday that a new Swag Tester arrives next week.


Lol I did. Sadly I was without internet for a while

Woah, that's crazy. Check your email Sasafras because we still have the Scribblenauts hat. Sorry for the intense delay on that one, lol.

honestly I never knew that I was chosen for this lol.

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