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Swag Tester: Win a Scribblenauts Rooster Cap

Rooster Cap

You have the unseasonable warmth in New York to thank for the availability of today's Swag Tester prize. We all thought that the Scribblenauts "rooster cap" would make for cozy winter headwear, but since the cold is taking its sweet time arriving here, we decided we ought to pass it along to someone in chillier climes. Plus, the last time I wore it out of the office, I was laughed at and pelted with eggs and sweetbreads. In any case, time to part with this thing.

Honest to goodness, I just realized while typing this that it's also sort of a chicken-related item, which is great because I'm sure you haven't had enough of the chicken stuff on this site. I'm sure that a bucket of KFC grilled chicken isn't the last thing you see when your close your eyes to go to sleep for the night, when you finally think you can have some relief, but then you have dreams about chickens, and they're eating you with coleslaw and a homestyle biscuit, and you say, "You can't get grilled John Teti on a value menu," and they all say "Yeah, you can!" YEAH YOU CAN, they shriek, YEAH YOU CAN!!!!!

But in truth, the hat has nothing to do with roosters. Whew. It's just the hat that Maxwell wore in the game Scribblenauts, you know, the game where you can write the names of things and then those things appear. Wotta concept! Evan Moore and I tested the hat out to see if it matched the brilliance of this incredibly groundbreaking game, which everybody is still playing and never ever got tired of, right?


If you want the cap—one of two caps, actually—leave a comment below telling us why it is absolutely essential for you to have a goofy red hat with a chinstrap. Be creative! Check the last Swag Tester post for all the rules and whatnot, and look for the winners to be posted next Monday.


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hey all


is it availble by shipping to lebanon?

hello im laura im the worlds BIGGEST scribblenauts fan i play it for hours and hours day and night the first time i got it i played it till the sun came up so the first time i heard about the scribblenauts hat i HAD TO HAVE IT but my mom said it was to expensive:( so please i want this hat more then anything please write back please.

9 years old

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