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A Story on CG Not About Modern Warfare 2!!!! (Hooray.)


If it sounds like I've forgotten all about my quest to make good on my promise to complete Final Fantasy XII, GUESS AGAIN, HATERZ.

I actually miss my old friends, Vaan and Penelo and I even miss Kytes a little (but only a little).

My intention was to haul my slimline PS2 back to Vancouver with me, but in my haste, as I did yet another photo-finish airport run (why do I continue to insist on doing this to myself? WHY?), I left the PS2 and my Memory Cards sitting in my office in NYC. Of course, genius that I am, I managed to packed the cords for the PS2, but the PS2 itself got left behind. Tech Tip: PS2 cords are useless without a PS2.

A neighbor has retrieved the Memory Cards for me; I had to explain to her what a "PS2" looked like, in addition to what a "memory card" is. She has put the cards in the mail and addressed them to me. Even as I type this, my saved games--which are, if you think about it, actual memories of actual experiences--are flying through the air towards me. w1ndstorm: They should be passing over your house NOW. Be sure to wave at them as they go by.

I consulted my RPG Sponsor, John Teti, about potentially re-starting FF XII from scratch, playing it on my PS3 (which is backwards compatible).

"Absolutely not," he advised. "You can't start over at this point."

So I wait. I sit at the window, and watch the rain fall in Vancouver.

I eat my soup, and I hope that the whole "neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet" thing applies to Canadian postal workers as well.