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Make a Mint! Sell Your Copy of Modern Warfare 2 on eBay! (Er, wait...)


Right now, even as you read this, thousands of gamers are affecting coughs and dialing their employers to let them know that they won't be coming into the office today, thanks.

The truth? They were totally up all night totally playing Modern Warfare 2, dude.

Well, while you were meeting your buddies online and living it up at 4 a.m.--I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW AWESOME THIS IS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!1--far craftier folks were busy trying to unload their pre-ordered copies on eBay and in the name of making a quick buck.

A quick scan of eBay this morning revealed several hundred Modern Warfare 2 auctions. And, from what I could gather, nobody is really making any money. An auctioneer known as spearhead64 sold his copy of the Xbox 360 version of the game for $60. Yes, the final bid was for $60.

Over on, someone named bigsexyc21 was trying to unload the Harden (?) edition of the game for $69.99. To bigsexyc21's credit, he/she (OK, it has got to be a he) admitted to having already opened the package/fondled everything inside. Thus, his item was under the "LIKE NEW" listing (a.k.a. I Made A Mistake and Took Off the Shrink Wrap).

Another one from Half: punti_in must have gone temporarily insane when he posted a listing for the PC version of MW2 for--here it comes--$105.

Most dubious auction? The person trying to sell a DL code for Modern Warfare 2 wallpapers. "I will email you the code after the auction," he writes in his product description. Riiiiight.

So what's the takeaway here? It's this: There is no shortage of MW2 whatsoever, meaning Activision printed and shipped enough copies of the game.

One more takeaway: CEO Bobby Kotick is setting fire to dollar bills today BECAUSE THAT'S WHO HE IS. NOW SAY GOODNIGHT TO THE BAD GUY.