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PopCap Swag Tester: The Results

PopCap Prizes

The results are in: Confessor is the randomly selected winner of the PopCap booty featured in last week's Swag Tester.

Commenter girlgamer21 receives the honorable mention—a random bit of swag and, of course, the usual Crispy Gamer T-shirt—because she used the phrase "bad telly tubby" in her comment:

I saw a guy on the news dressed as the purple telly tubby with a suitcase turns out he was stealing things from people's homes on halloween night. This is no joke this really happened. Bad telly tubby.

There was also a good tale from togmkn, who took heed of my advice to make something up (or did he?):

I saw a little kid dressed up as Batman. It was a decent Batman costume, as far as little kid ones go.

Thing was, I just bought Arkham Asylum and have been having a hard time beating Bane. I just snapped! I was like, "I WILL FOLD YOU LIKE PAPER!!" and charged towards him. But the little tyke threw a batarang and jumped out of the way! I ran into the garage door, stumbled back, and the snot bubble jumped up and kicked me in the nose.

I gave him a Snickers. It was the worst Halloween ever.

Look for a new Swag Tester next week.