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Day Two: Final Fantasy XII: Jones Defeats Rogue Tomato, Does Some Shopping In Town


So it looks like I'm really going to go through with this whole FF XII thing. I kind of can't believe it. I'm not having a terrible time so far. Which is more than I can say for most games. The dialogue is uneven, but actually pretty good in spots. Though I do wonder at times why all the citizens, even the elderly ones, are wearing half shirts and tiny, sleeveless vests.

I care a little bit about Vaan and Kytes and Penelo. They're street urchins who are always scheming. They are the Little Rascals of Rabanastre. Most recently, Vaan is scheming to find a way into the Palace; and Old Dalan might have a crystal that can help him accomplish this.

I also defeated the Rogue Tomato this morning. He was a total push-over. He was a tiny dude who only came up to about my knees, with a large, red tomato on his head. I don't really even know what he was, technically speaking. He didn't seem too viscious. He was barely aggressive at all. I slapped him around, until he fell over and his corpse vanished and I was awarded some serious XP-age.

I also killed some orange wolves and some cute anthropomorphic cacti for the XP-age. (One cactus was actually sleeping! I killed him anyway. F*** him. I need XP-age! I need to be a Level Four!)

After the Rogue Tomato was dead and gone, I spotted a very large T-Rex skulking in the distance. I thought, Man, I'm only Level Three, I can't deal with that! So I ran back to the town. Later on, I told Teti about the dinosaur, and he said, "Oh yeah. That dinosaur would have torn you to pieces!"

I took this as a sign that perhaps my RPG instincts are starting to come in finally. They're still just little buds, but maybe with proper care and feeding, they can actually continue to grow, and maybe even flourish.

OH, and Vayne made his first appearance this morning. Which Vaan was very, very interested in.