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Swag Tester: Win A Dark Void Travel Set


Enough of this transpacific travel and caption-contest folderol. We must return now to the serious business of Swag Tester, which in our last episode, granted commenter Confessor the coveted prize of a Modern Warfare 2 pen set and a Crispy cap.

But hey, posting the funny comments on the caption contest was fun, right? So, if you want to be humorous in the Swag Tester comments, let's do that. The winner will still be picked at random, but in the meantime we'll have some laffs.

The prize this time is a "Tesla Air" travel set to promote the game Dark Void. It's coming out in January from Capcom, and I wasn't aware of it until I got this package, so it was pretty effective swag, I guess.

This is also the most useful piece of swag I've ever received. We all were marveling in the Crispy office about the attention to detail on display. It really is quite a good little pack for the plane. Here's a picture:

Dark Void Travel Kit

Clockwise from left: Shoulder bag, blanket, TSA-approved liquid containers, inflatable neck pillow, "hanging toiletry tote bag" (according to the label).

I gave the neck pillow an honest-to-goodness test during my Japan trip, because my old inflatable pillow sprung a leak, and it worked like a champ. But honest-to-goodness tests are not the way we do things here at Swag Tester, so I conducted the REAL test by seeing if my brother's cat Zissou would find the bag an acceptable cat bed.

Yes, I'm becoming a cat person. Blame Jones. Anyway, your Tesla Air pack will be a fresh one, no neck sweat or cat hair on any of the items. And you can acquire it by answering the following question in the comments: "Is there a Dark Void in your gaming life? What is it, and how could it be filled?" Please restrict yourself to responses that do not run astray of any local or federal statutes.

A winner will be chosen at random from commenters who answer the question. (Note: We can only ship prizes within North America, alas.) Will there be a secret bonus surprise gift if I find a response especially clever? I don't know, maybe!

(By the way, if you registered through Facebook, that is super, but it also means we don't have an email address on file for you in case you win. So drop a line to prizes [at] if there's any doubt that we have your email address. We won't use this address for anything except contacting you if you get a prize.)


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