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Jones Vows To Play/Finish Final Fantasy XII


Yesterday I went to the local EB Games here in Vancouver to buy a copy of Final Fantasy XII.

In related news, pigs were seen flying over several North American cities yesterday.

When I was at the store, I saw these two games prominently displayed in the PS2 section: 

That's right: Trapt and Zathura. They sound like titles of games that someone who knows nothing about games would make up.

I can imagine my mother saying, "What are you doing in there for hours on end? Playing Zathura again or whatever the hell it's called? Why don't you go out and get a job? Why don't you have more friends? Why can't you be more like your brother!!!!!"


Sorry for that.

Anyway, back to Final Fantasy XII.

When John Teti and I were in Tokyo a few weeks back, the top floor of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel featured a very fine establishment called FUGA.

We would retire there in the evenings and drink extremely weak gin and tonics and hold forth on various subjects like politics, religion, sex, the "greening" of the tech industry, and Final Fantasy.

Teti and I are friends, despite our age difference. He's the oldest young man I know.

Anyway, one boozey night, in the name of cementing our friendship, after about 900,004 weak gin and tonics at FUGA, I pledged to him that I would finish ONE Final Fantasy game before I die. 

He said, "Fine, and that Final Fantasy will be Final Fantasy XII."

First impressions of the box: The box cover has all kinds of blonde people on it, trying to look like toughs, and things that look like airships. Airships! I don't see any chocobos on there, so that's good... The back of the box says DISCOVER THE SECRET THAT WILL UNRAVEL AN EMPIRE.

That does sound like fun...

Anyway, I'm a man of my word.

Check back here for my Final Fantasy XII updates as they happen.