Crispy Gamer

Wipe Out to Win an Xbox 360!


Our friends at KFC want to watch you crash and burn, eat pavement, or go flying off an overpass just to see what happens. In short, they want to see your biggest, most heroic, most cataclysmic wipeout. For your trouble, they're offering an Xbox 360 Elite and more!

Or, if you're more into rubbernecking than you are in-game recklessness, good news: You can even upload someone else's work of derring-do! Simply find a video, upload the YouTube link to the forums, and you'll be entered to win these awesome prizes:

Grand Prize: An Xbox 360 Elite and a copy of Dirt 2.

First Prize: A copy of NHL 10.

Second Prize: A Crispy Gamer T-shirt and hat!

I've conducted a brief study of in-game video bravado, and I have found, like the esteemed Colonel's chicken, it comes in a few distinct varieties:

Wipeout Variety #1: Look What I Can Do!

Crispy's Jason McMaster must really hate that gas station. He keeps blowing it up. (My favorite part is the in-game music: Sister Christian, oh the time has come ... for destruction.)

Wipeout Variety #2: Would You Like a Side of Asphalt With That Pavement You're Eating?

You don't need a motor vehicle to wipe out! This guy takes air off the roof of a building. The No Skateboarding signs at the mall are there for a reason.

Wipeout Variety #3: The Classic Car Chase

This guy is on the run. I think he is going for a reenactment of "The Blues Brothers."

Wipeout Variety #4: The Shred-a-thon

A lot of wipeout videos are compilations of several vehicular mishaps that feel like they were pulled from the Speed channel or MTV. This one is all about the music, interpreted through car-crashes.

Wipeout Variety #5: The Thrill Seeker

In this video, a plane comes out of nowhere and crashes into a tank.

How to Enter

1. Between now and Oct. 25, submit your best videos of in-game wipeouts. Make or find a schadenfreude-filled video and post it to YouTube (or grab the YouTube link).

2. If you haven't already, register for a Crispy Gamer account and go
to the World's Greatest Wipeout Entry Thread in the Crispy Gamer forums.

3. Post your video from YouTube into the forum thread using the following code:

[youtube]your video url[/youtube]

It's that easy.

We'll narrow it down to three finalists, and then we'll turn them over to the users from Oct. 25-28 to pick the Grand Prize winner! Godspeed, thrill seekers!