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TGS 2009: Presenting The First Annual Crispy Gamer Miso Ramen Awards

Teti Jones Hooray

Almost every day last week began the same way. Jones and I would roll out of bed in our respective hotel rooms, hung over from the night before, and we would have a debate on AIM about where we should eat. The discussion was always brief, and it always ended at the same place: the cheap ramen shop across the street from the Shinjuku Prince Hotel. (Motto: "Guests who stay at the Shinjuku Prince are truly the princes of Shinjuku.") Then we would eat miso ramen.

Thus it is in honor of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel's local ramen place (motto: "Where the princes of Shinjuku come to eat an affordable bowl of top-notch ramen") that Jones and I christen the First Annual Crispy Gamer Miso Ramen Awards, to recognize achievements at Tokyo Game Show in many important categories.

The Ryan Kuo Award for the game that Crispy copy editor Ryan Kuo is most likely to declare the greatest game ever and then tire of after five minutes:

Junk City

Junk City

The Dead Space Award for the most depressing part of the show floor:

The big empty hole where Nintendo's booth was supposed to be

Empty Space

The Virtual Boy Award for best innovation:

The Techno-log

Junk City

The Canada Award for most Canadian booth:



The Mario and Luigi Award for biggest disparity of coolness in a three-foot radius:

Dylan Cuthbert and some curly-haired guy with a lady camera who wouldn't wrap it up already so I could talk to Dylan Cuthbert

Dylan Cuthbert and some guy

The Vtrgpwhfr Award for least legible game name:



The What Are We Going to Do With All of These Broken Xbox 360s? Award for the most pointless booth:

The "Museum of Game Science" booth

Quote-Unquote Museum

Best Peripheral:

Game Chair

Game Chair
Game Chair

The Home Depot Fern Section Award for most immersive experience:

The Lost Planet 2 jungle thing

Lost Planet 2 jungle

The Hideo Kojima Screenplay Award for longest line:

The line to not play the Heavy Rain demo

Heavy Rain non-line

Congratulations to our winners!