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PAX Day 3: Press Room Tumbleweed Spotted


As I said in an earlier post, the intent of PAX isn't to break news--there are really no big announcements left to make at this point in 2009--but to celebrate gamers and gaming culture. And while I have seen my colleagues at various events, including Garnett Lee of 1up celebrating his birthday last night at Gameworks (you're old enough to be drafted now, my friend), and I did see Mike Fahey of Kotaku furiously blogging (I peered over his shoulder; he was typing over and over again "All blogging and no play makes Fahey a dull boy"), there's nothing really for us to do at PAX.

Nothing to do except feel the pulse rates of thousands of gamers suddenly begin racing all at once.

Which is presumably where my colleagues were when I snapped this photo of the press room yesterday at around 4:45 p.m.