Crispy Gamer

Marona is Marona


I just finished "Another Marona" in Phantom Brave: We Meet Again, and I have to say that, despite being a little bit disjointed from the original story, I was pleasantly surprised out how interesting it was. I can't really talk about it in this space because i'm wrapping up a review for it, but it is pretty obvious that the story telling in Nippon Ichi's later games is darker. Not that the original game was all sunshine and roses - unlike the Disgaea series, Makai Kingdom or even the incredibly adult Soul Nomad, Phantom Brave toys with the ideas of acceptance, optimism and people's capacity to be cruel.

The light-hearted moments are a little lighter than I care for and - in one of the more serious moments in the new chapter "Another Marona" - there's some jaw dropping dialogue that just hits you right in the face. There's also not a lot of comedy in the game, save a moment or two; this is serious business. But to quote Ash, "Marona is Marona" and you get what you get. Because Phantom Brave is Phantom Brave; a chocolate covered lemon, no mattter what platform it's on. That's why the original was such a great game - it isn't Disgaea.