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Swag Tester: Win Two Modern Warfare 2 Pens + A Crispy Hat!


Swag Tester! Where the hell has it been? Well, I'm busy. And lazy. They call me "Blazy" around the office. Not because I'm busy and lazy (that's just a coincidence) but rather because I am a huge fan of Blaze from "American Gladiators." The original one, not the one that was on NBC the last couple years -- forget that noise. Wait, what were we talking about?

Right! Swag Tester! Commenter beanzfury won the last prize package, a copy of King of Fighters XII and a Kyo figure. I'm sure that beanzfury is clearing a place on the mantle as we speak. This time, we're offering one lucky commenter a pair of Modern Warfare 2 pens.

"Just pens?" you're saying, ungratefully. "That's it?" you're adding, unnecessarily. Well, yes, but there's a twist. These pens light up. In the picture above, you can see one pen lit and the other unlit. Trust me, when you get both of them in your hand, one of two things happen. Either you pretend to be that guy who brings planes in at the airport, or you have a sudden urge for a lightsaber war. Evan Moore demonstrates both phenomena below.

To win the pens -- oh, what the heck, I'll throw in a Crispy Gamer hat, too. We ordered 10,000 of these things, and after handing them out to everyone in the New York office, we've got about 9,986 left. So we can spare one of these bright orange ballcaps, one of which is modeled here by Crispy CEO Chris Heldman (along with his watch, for some reason):

So, to win the pens AND a hat, leave a comment below with your answer to the question, "What is your favorite in-game gadget?" 'Cause the pens remind me of the flashlight from Shadow Complex. (Also, sometimes it is hard to think of a question that has something to do with the giveaway, OK? So BACK OFF!!!) Rules: There are no wrong answers; winner is picked at random from eligible commenters; only U.S. residents can win; you can't win two Swag Testers in a row. Whew. So anyway, good luck!