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Cutting Room Floor: The Game District 9 Really Reminded Me Of


One of the reasons Crispy Gamer's one of the best game journalism sites on the internet is because we've got kick-ass editors. (Take your bows, Ryan & Elise.) They keep us on track and honest, as well as doing the demanding job of trimming the fat from our articles. 

But, fat still tastes good, right? With that in mind, I wanted to share a bit that got snipped from my column about District 9:

Aside from Halo, District 9 also reminded me of Insomniac’s Resistance series on the PS3, in the way that both Wikus van der Merwe and Nathan Hale are losing their humanity to alien infections. As he became more and more alien, Wikus’s plight reminded me of one of my favorite background moments from Resistance 2. Working your way through an eerily quiet suburban home, you come across the bodies of a father and son who presumably killed themselves at the horror of what they’ve become. They lie close to each other, the son nestled in the crook of his father’s arm, with pills spilling from an open bottle. That moment from Resistance 2 (a game that, mind you, I liked but felt weirdly underwhelmed by) stayed with me because it drove home the stakes of the fight. It's another thing I wish games could do more effectively. 


So many games concern themselves with war but you never see how the effects of a casualty create their own ripples in the gameworld. I'm not sure if we'll get another Resistance game, but, if we do, I hope they expand on those kinds of moments I cited above. I think that motif in District 9 is what makes it so successful.