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True Confessions: This is why I'm still playing Fight Night 4


Fight Night Round 4 came out more than a month ago. By all rights, I should've moved on. When I mentioned that I was still playing it to Scott Jones (who penned our review), he exclaimed, "You're still on that?!" I can understand his surprise, though.

You never get to linger when you're a reviewer. I probably have replayed a game in more than two years, because I always need to be on to the next thing. Even during the slow periods like the one we're just coming out of, downloadable games like Shadow Complex. So, why am I still indulging in a game that I admittedly only have begrudging respect for? Why am I still putting time into a game where poor menu layouts, useless e-mail messages and annoying training mini-games sap my enthusiasm before my avatar even gets in the ring?(Don't even get me started on the way the counter-punch is way over-valued...)


This is why.

(And, yes, Big George was already on his way down as I'm landing this punch. I love the post-knockout abuse.)

vs Foreman 2 (small).m4v (3.11 mb)


And this, too, is why.

vs. Tyson (small).m4v (1.82 mb)

Because once I get in the ring, the experience is addictive. There's a mix of wish fulfillment and stress release the game gives me that I can't find in any other title right now. And Fight Night makes me feel guilty, too. It's a flawed game and, let's face it, my reasons for staying with it are embarrassing cliches. But, I'll probably be whaling on Joe Frazier tomorrow night. And, like my mom used to say when she made me take off my own belt so she could whup me, it does hurt me more than it hurts him.