Crispy Gamer

A little bit country, a little less rock and roll


So, you been enjoying that Rock Band Country Track Pack? It's OK, you can admit it. Country is the No. 1 radio genre in the United States, even if it doesn't seem that way among hardcore gamers. But if the Country Track Pack has shown us anything, it's that, for rhythm games, country is just as good as rock or hip hop or techno or metal.

Anyway, we're especially glad that the Country Track Pack introduced us to Dierks Bentley's catchy song Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go). As luck would have it, he's the next artist in the Samsung Summer Krush Concert Tour, performing tomorrow, Aug. 18 in Atlanta. Even better, you can get free tickets by hitting their ticketing site andentering code Atlanta2.

As always, if you're not in Atlanta (or still don't like good country music) you can still have a chance at the free stuff. Just add a comment to this post and you'll enter yourself in our drawing for a free Samsung Jack phone at the end of the summer. We know it's hard commenting without a subject, so why not write in with your best argument why country music sucks/rocks.