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Theories on the final Beatles: Rock Band song


Late last week, word leaked onto the internet (via Game Informer) of 44 of the 45 songs that will be on the final Beatles: Rock Band disc. Since then, I've been asking friends, colleagues, and my extensive iTunes playlist what they thought that mysterious 45th song would be when it was finally revealed. Here are the best theories I heard/came up with, and some supporting/conflicting information for why each will be lucky #45. Got some guesses of your own? Leave them in the comments.

The End (listen)

Pros: This is the tune that immediately jumped to mind for me. Given the title, it seems a natural choice to hold as the final reveal. It's also the last full song on the last album the Beatles recorded. Music-wise, it's also the only Beatles song with a true drum solo, and has some kick-ass dueling guitar parts for serious players. Plus it would seem criminal for the game to leave out the iconic "And in the end/The love you take/Is equal to the love you make," coda for the Beatles' career.

Cons: On the album, the song is part of a 16-minute, multi-song medley including "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight" and others. Including "The End" separate from that might not work in the game. Plus, Wired reports that the medley will be available to play straight through on the Abbey Road DLC. Oh well...

Yesterday (listen)

Pros: The most recorded song in popular music (covered over 3,000 times, according to Guinness), one of the most-played radio songs of all time, voted "The Best Song of the Century" by a BBC2 poll, etc. etc. Seems a hard one to leave out.

Cons: The song has only one guitar part, no drums, no harmony to speak of, and lots of violin that's hard to replicate in Rock Band.

Help! (listen)

Pros: Another very well-known song; has a good driving beat and strong harmonies; fellow movie title track "A Hard Day's Night" is already in the game.

Seems a little anti-climactic for a big, final song revelation. Why not just include it in the first 44?

Hey Jude (listen)

Absolutely iconic and well-loved (by everyone but me, it seems); nice harmonies; decent drum part

Piano part dominates the beginning; only one guitar part for roughly half the song; it goes on for-freaking-EVER!

Let it Be (listen)

A feel-good crowd pleaser; strongly identified with the Beatles career; more nice harmonies.

Guitar part doesn't come in until halfway through the song.

A Day in the Life (listen)

Pros: Well known; relatively unique among the Beatles catalog; good drum part

Piano and string orchestra replaces lead guitar for most of the song; not much harmony to speak of.