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Win a free Games on Demand code for BioShock! (Among other stuff.)


Hey! Here is a chance to win a free Xbox 360 Games on Demand download code for BioShock.

BioShock was the second game I installed on my work laptop, the first PC I've had in three years. But the frame rates were bad. The screen was too small for Big Daddy. Let's not even talk about the sound. By the time I'd reached Neptune's Bounty, the game had slowed to a crawl. I'd send in two sentry drones, run in after them, and at a blink find them in smoking ruins at my feet.


BioShock was when I gave up PC gaming for good. I've had an Xbox 360 copy of BioShock "on loan" from the CG game room for a few months. (Sorry!) But I have never once gotten around to putting the disc in my Xbox 360 tray. Why? Because when I turn on my 360, it -- somehow -- feels exponentially easier and faster to instead open a downloadable game such as Pac-Man Championship EditionCastle Crashers or Ikaruga.

Technology keeps moving faster and faster, and soon game discs will be to downloadable games as vinyl (well, CD) is to the MP3. Downloading games from the App Store is half the fun of gaming on the iPhone. With that in mind, the updated Xbox Live's new "Games on Demand" service, which allows you to download entire big-budget games like BioShock, Mass Effect and Viva Piñata straight to your Xbox 360 hard drive, marks another small step toward an instant-gratification planet. Download times aside. It took me a little under an hour for me to download BioShock, which is a surprisingly quaint 4.66 GB. I could have sworn the game weighed at least 5,642,054 GB.

So that's another cool thing about downloading games. You can enumerate your collection, much more objectively than Metacritic. And with the click of a button you can immerse yourself like so:

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