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Make your own Game Featuring T-Pain


If 50 Cent can have his own big budget game, why not T-Pain?

We ask primarily because Mr. Pain ("T" to his friends) is having a concert in New Orleans as part of the Samsung Summer Krush Tour tomorrow night, and you can score free tickets by registering here with promotional code NOLA2. But we're also genuinely interested... what would a T-Pain game consist of? Action? Drama? Music? Would it have as much skull-stealing as Fitty's game? More skull stealing, perhaps?

We're drawing a blank, so we're putting the question to you, the readers. Come up with a short description of what a T-Pain game would be like and share it in the comment thread below. For your trouble, you'll be entered in a contest to win a free Samsung Jack phone at the end of the summer.

Bonus brownie points if your entry features gratuitous use of Auto Tune.



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