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Crispy Adventurers Club: Marshal Your Forces! Stiff Upper Lip!


Fellow adventurers, it has been a long, hot slog through the StarTropics. Let's not mince words; it was more difficult than we thought. The mosquitos, the ghosts, the traps, the belligerent women on the lighthouse islands. But the month is almost out. Let's make one last push this week to make it as far as you can.

Then share your experiences in the forum, whether you made it to the end or not. I, for one, am committed to finishing this game come hell or highwater. You may not be there by my side at the end, that's fine. We can all share a drink at the tavern when it's over.

And then we will move on. Perhaps to a less daunting challenge. If you have a suggestion for the next Adventurers Club destination, please share it in the comments.


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