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Contests Galore: Free Tickets, Free Phones, Free Stardom!


Aspiring bands across the country are getting a chance at stardom with Harmonix's recently announced Rock Band Network, which lets indie bands submit their tracks as downloadable Rock Band songs. But why settle for virtual stardom when you and your band could have a chance at real stardom?

The Samsung Summer Krush Tour is running a contest to find the opening act for its final leg in Hollywood, CA. The winning band will also get five grand, an appearnace in SPIN Magazine and a chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not too shabby!

Don't have a band? You still have a chance to get free tickets to The Offspring's show in San Francisco's Warfield Theatre at 8 p.m. on Juily 31. To enter, just go to the ticket site and register with code SANFRAN2.

Can't make the show? We've still got you covered with a chance to win a free Samsung Jack phone. Just comment on this post to enter. Winners will be chosen after the tour completes in September. Don't say we never gave ya nothin'!

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