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Swag Tester: Win a Zelda: Spirit Tracks DS Stylus (or a Chinatown Wars Stylus)



Old business, new business. That's the routine here at the Swag Tester labs. Old business: Congratulations to commenter scrimshaw for winning the Battlestations: Pacific package from last time. Enjoy your heavy-duty lighter and regular-duty bombshell babe calendar! New business: Styluses! Or is it styli? Things to play your DS with, in any case.

This week three (3) commenters will bring home goodies courtesy of Swag Tester. Two people will win a Zelda: Spirit Tracks stylus in the shape of a quill. These things are tough to photograph (my best attempt is above), but they are really cool in person. Once again I was seriously tempted to keep the swag for myself. 


But wait, there is so much more. OK, not so much more. There's one thing more. Managing editor Elise Vogel saw me gathering up styluses for the giveaway and donated a pair of stylus "chopsticks" that we got as a promo item for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. As they say in China, gee whiz that's a lotta styluses!

Evan Narcisse helped me put the feather stylus through its paces. Oh man, maybe I will save one of these for myself. Nay, I … I mustn't. Just watch the damn video while I sob quietly over here in the corner.

Swag Tester verdict: Forsooth, it is a delight!

OK, some new rules this week, friends. Apparently we had to send a prize to Khartoum or some such, and it put us way over budget, and we had to fire our fancy caterers, and instead of duck canapés we now have to eat Skittles for lunch. And everybody is mad at me. So the contest is open to U.S. residents only. Boo, hiss, I know.

That said, if you are stateside, comment in the thread below with your answer to the question, "Who is your favorite fine, feathered friend in all of gaming?" That could mean birds, but it doesn't have to. My pick would be Yuna from the Final Fantasy X games because she is a stone-cold fox. She has a feather on her earring, so it counts. IT COUNTS, PEOPLE!

There are no wrong answers, and three winners will be picked at random. The first two commenters chosen will get a Spirit Tracks styluses, and the third will get the GTA: Chinatown chopstick dealies. Good luck!