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Get Jacked Up: Rock out with Daughtry in Seattle!


I’m not a fan, but Chris Daughtry kinda looks like a younger Marcus Fenix to me. I could totally see him in a bandana, yelling “Throwing Frag!!” as his banddmates scramble for cover.

I mention this because the former American Idol will be playing in Seattle on the 17th --not too far from Redmond, Washington, the epicenter of all things Microsoft. His band’s part of the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush concert series. Crispy Gamer’s got the hook-up for free tickets, which you can win in one of two ways. Go to this site, register and enter this code: SEATTLE. Or, you can leave a comment right here telling us what game character you think Daughtry most resembles and we’ll randomly pick a winner.  

You’ll want to comment anyway, even if you’re not near Seattle, because you’ll be entering yourself in a giveaway to win a free Samsung Jack phone. Who can say no to a free phone in these tough economic times?