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Swag Tester: Win a Battlestations: Pacific Zippo + Calendar


Harry Potter is kids' stuff. This week, the Swag Tester wares are a bit more adult. But first, the winner of last week's Harry Potter giveaway: piccolo13! As always, the Crispy Prize Committee should be emailing you in short order. (And for those of you who were rooting for w1ndst0rm, blame the atmospheric noise that generates the random picks at  

On to new business. We're giving away a Battlestations: Pacific calendar featuring classic pin-up girls. The calendar goes through March 2010. You may be wondering why I held onto the calendar for so long, given that the game came out two months ago. But after you see Miss June, you will no longer be wondering.

The other half of this week's giveaway is a genuine Zippo lighter emblazoned with an "Island Princess." It is useful for creating fire. This is one of the nicest bits of swag I've gotten in recent memory, and despite the fact that I don't smoke, I am a convicted arsonist, so I hesitate to part with it.

The lighter doesn't have any fuel, so very little Swag Testing was necessary. It doesn't work, yet. So Elise Vogel and I brought the calendar into the lab for more intensive investigation.

Swag Tester verdict: Functional, FOR NOW.

For the lighter and the calendar, comment on this post with your response to the question, "What game has the best fire/lava/hell level you've ever played?" Pretty much every game has one, after all. No wrong answers, winner picked at random and announced in the next Swag Tester. Good luck!