Crispy Gamer

I'm sick of hearing about Scribblenauts too, but...


I'm not a violent man, but a few days ago when I overheard a game nerd describe Scribblenauts as "this year's Flower," I wanted to don animal pelts, swing a mace over my head for awhile, and then set fire to this a-hole's f***ing village.

The obvious problem here--among many obvious problems--is that Flower came out this year. In 2009. Which this dingus obviously did not remember.

The other problem is the ongoing game nerd/journalist tendency to proclaim any obscure, tiny game the alt.-choice for discerning, sophisticated gamers. Medical doctors have a name for it. They call it Katamari Syndrome. Symptoms: self-satisfied expression, folded arms, inability to listen to reason, damp palms.

All that aside, I spent a few minutes watching this video this morning, which reminded me of the great time Teti and I had with Scribblenauts at E3. Who knows if it'll hold up beyond a 20 minute demo. But any game that allows God to fight with a kracken while Einstein looks on is doing a great many things right.