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Swag Tester: Win the New Harry Potter DS Game, Plus Snap Bracelets!


We've got Harry Potter fever at Crispy Gamer! Our body temperatures are elevated to perilously high levels because we just can't stop talking about the moggles and the, um, glipthorps and … Captain Shabadoo with his fantabulous pulsating wand …

OK, I don't know anything about Harry Potter. But perhaps you do. In that case, feast your eyes on this assortment of Harry Potter goods that recently crossed the Crispy transom. Just comment below for your chance to win. And congratulations to rtfm, who won last week's Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head. The Crispy prize committee will be in touch shortly.

Harry Potter Giveaway Prizes

This week's giveaway package includes:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for Nintendo DS. The game is still in the shrinkwrap, so I can't give you any impressions of it. But the cover does feature a photograph of noted actor Daniel Radcliffe. He plays the role of boy genius Harry Potter in the films, I'm told. Also, the back of the game's case encourages you to "Summon the wizard within you." That sounds a little bold to me. Maybe take the wizard within you out to dinner first. Get to know the wizard within you. Then, if the mood is right, you can take the wizard within you home and summon him till sun-up.

A Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince notebook. The front of this notebook features the same picture of Daniel Radcliffe, but bigger. If you move the DS game and the notebook back and forth, it looks like Daniel Radcliffe is coming toward you—as if he will step out of the picture and into your life. But he won't. Give up the dream already. And stop sending those letters. You're giving everybody the creeps.

Harry Potter snap bracelets! There was some debate in the office over "snap bracelets" vs. "slap bracelets." I'm on the "snap" side myself, but whatever you call them, the bracelets have tapped into a rich vein of early ’90s nostalgia around these parts. Still, out of my continuing concern for the readers' safety, Evan Narcisse and I brought the plastic and faux-velvet accessories into the Swag Tester lab:

Swag Tester verdict: Appropriately snappy. Or slappy. Whatever.

Again, for your chance to win, comment on this post with your answer to the question, "What's the best (or least bad) movie-based game you've ever played?" No wrong answers, winner picked at random, etc. We'll contact the lucky recipient with the email address you used to register, so make sure that address works. And we'll never spam you, promise.

The winner will be announced next week. As Gandorf the Archwizard would say, "May the magic be with you!" or something along those lines.