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Swag Tester: Win an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head


We've picked a winner of the Mountain Dew Game Fuel giveaway, but despite repeated begging, he won't claim his prize. John M., check your freaking email so that we can send you a case of bright orange sugar water. You've earned it! If you don't get back to us by Monday, we'll have to pick somebody else.

On to new business. We just got this Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head into the office. Either LucasArts sent it to Scott Jones to promote Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings or he found his way to the office in the midst of a potato related archeology expedition. I immediately brought it into the "lab" for testing. Here is the sum of my experimentation:

As you can see, Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head is choke-free fun for ages 2 and up. He comes with a golden potato-head idol and a plastic whip (which is permanently coiled -- boo).

Swag Tester Verdict: Puts the "fun" in "apparently functional."

Do you want Indy Potato Head? We're making it even simpler this time: Just leave a comment in this thread to enter. Your comment should answer the question, "What videogame character would you like to whip, Indy style?" Keep it clean, people.

There are no wrong answers, and the winner will be chosen at random to receive the very Mr. Potato Head I so lovingly admired in the video.

(Side note: Make sure you used a good email address to register for your Crispy comment account, so that we can get in touch with you. If you're not sure, you can always use the address to enter. We will only use your email to contact you if you win the giveaway.)

Good luck!