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Southworth is in da house


Crispy Gamer is adding a new original comic to our cadre of gaming funnies. Paul Southworth, who recently concluded his Ugly Hill comic and also has done some illustrating for Ding!, has created "You are Dead" for our readers. The comic will publish 3-4 times a month.

Southworth said he came came up with that title "because that always struck me as particularly direct way to say "Game Over," and I feel it's pretty illustrative of the tone of games today vs. 25 years ago." The comic will be in black and white, as he wants to experiment with grey tones and give the comic a newspaper-type feel. As one of the Crispy crew commented: "This could be a gaming version of The Far Side." 

Also, we are happy to announce that Scott Johnson's adventures of Vincent in "Experience Points" will be moving to three times a week starting next week.

More laughs for you from your buddies at Crispy. Enjoy!


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