Crispy Gamer

MTV's Rock Band strategy (through the lense of an E3 party)




I think a couple of scenes from MTV Games' sprawling suite at the O Hotel last night provide a good look at how MTV is splitting up the gaming universe with the newest incarnations of the Rock Band series.

In one room, a raucous group of slightly drunk 20- and 30 and 40-somethings screamed the lyrics to The Beatle's "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in horribly off-key harmony, finishing with a self-congratulatory round of applause.

In the next room, a group of younger, hipper-looking gamers watched silently and intently as a foursome struggled through a heavy, note-filled scream-fest from Iron Maiden.

Add in a theoretical room with a group of kids jumping and dancing around to the strains of Lego Rock Band and I think you've got the full state of the current Rock Band experience.