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Pre-E3: KOF XII Slugfest



For all of you tough guys (and girls) that are flying in to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo this weekend (and those of you who are indigenous to the region by fate or by choice) may want to check out the King of Fighters XII Tournament.

The event will let 128 people slug it out in Playmore's latest KOF game for fab prizes and bragging rights. The event is sponsored by Ignition Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, GameStop, and the EVO Championship Series.

So why am I giving this a plug here? Because I'm sad that I can't attend (I won't be at E3 this year) and I feel like Julie from the Love Boat when it comes to E3 events. there are a lot of cool things going on leading up to and during the show that I plan to mention right here in this space if I have the time.The only caveat this year is that I won't be able to go to any of them. So while some of you may enjoy kicking the crap out of each other - or watching other people kick the crap out of each other - in KOF XII, I'll be here having my own special pity party. Nay me! 

Details on the event (From Ignition) below. Tell them some guy named "Prophet" sent you:


You're Invited to The King of Fighters XII Tournament to be held in L.A. this Saturday


This coming Saturday, Ignition Entertainment will kick off the E3 season with a well-deserved roundhouse to the head when they host The King of Fighters XII (KOFXII) Tournament in Hollywood, CA. Ignition will be partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment of America, GameStop, and the EVO Championship Series to host an international championship that gives hardcore King of Fighters fans an exclusive sneak peek at the long-awaited new installment in SNK PLAYMORE's beloved 3-on-3 fighting franchise.


They're gathering 128 of the world's bravest KOF players to battle it out for a killer grand prize of a The King of Fighters XII arcade cabinet imported directly from Japan! They'll also have plenty of nifty KOF goodies on hand for the runners-up, including limited-edition KOF XII collectables designed by the I am 8-bit art collective and exclusive KOF XII posters autographed by the game's lead artist.


It's not only about fist-to-the-face combat, though: The tournament will have oodles of awesome KOF-related activities for people to take part in, along with special guests, prize raffles, and surprises throughout the day. Food and drink will be provided, so attendees need only worry about honing their fighting skills and having fun unless, of course, they're eager to display the depth of their fandom by taking part in the amateur King of Fighters cos-play competition. Feel free to masquerade as any character from any KOF title and the winner will walk away with a valuable prize package.


HOW: Simply shoot an email over to with your name and email address and await your RSVP. The first 100 respondents will be registered for the tournament; everyone else will be invited to attend the event as spectators. 


WHEN: Saturday, May 30, 2009 12 - 7 p.m. (KOF XII open practice for tournament players from 10:30 ? 12pm)


WHERE: Element, Hollywood 1642 Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 460-4632