Crispy Gamer

The Crispy Gamer Survey and You - Yeah, You!


Taking this simple survey - which takes less than five minutes to complete - will enter you into a drawing to win Peggle: Dual Shot and Rhythm Heaven for the DS.  If you don't already have these great games this is a good opportunity to get them for free.

And who doesn't want to own these excellent games? Seriously, tell me, and i'll go to their homes and shake them vigorously! I'll shake them with so much force that they'll suffer from Shaken Adult Syndrome -- okay I won't do that, but I might send them a strongly worded email if I can gather up enough courage.

But more importantly (?) you'll earn my undying respect, loyalty* and the option to add another follower to your twitter or Facebook account ** Yes, I am for sale when it comes to survey participation***.

So get in there and participate for a chance to win some great games.


* I will not add you on twitter or Facebook, and MySpace is most definitely not an option. I also won't add you on AIM, Beebo, Xbox Live, PSN, Wii, Friendster, Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon.

** For your free respect and loyalty, you must agree to take multiple surveys from third party vendors and pay a fee of $712.09 USD.

*** Not for sale, except in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

**** This entire lists of disclaimers marked with asterisks is bullshit. Honestly I wish i could give you back the minute you spent reading through them.