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He'll always be Lord British



When I first started thinking about the idea of an alternate replay of The Black Gate, I knew that I would have to catch up with Richard Garriott to talk to him about it and the series in general. I had a lot of questions that couldn't be answered by playing the game or reading about it at my favorite fan sites.

Luckily Richard loves to talk about the history of Ultima as much as I enjoy listening, so he obliged me an hour of his time to pick at his brain.  What I learned was that, despite my feelings to the contrary, it was never his intention to tear the world the world he created in the final three games. It was obviously the grand finale for the avatar, but it didn't mean the end of the Ultima series.


After talking to him for an hour, there was one thing I wished for: that someday Richard or someone else will dust this franchise off and give it another go. Ultima is unlike any other role-playing game series I have ever played and it will always have a special place in my heart. These games that have shaped the way I think about entertainment, characters and values in games forever and I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had for two decades. I know that sounds a bit fanboyish, but I don't really care - I am an Ultima Dragon, after all.


You can read the first part of my conversation with Richard below:


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