Crispy Gamer

The Black Gate Murders: The Road to Britain



Passion Play:

Unlike Paul on the road to Damascus, there was no enlighten for me as I made my way to Britain - unless you count the Guardian’s helpful interjections. Just north of Trinsic a trio of Fellowship members put on a passion play... about the Fellowship. Good to see they were thinking outside the box. Now they aresleeping inside a box.

Men Killed: 2

Women Killed: 1

Passion Killed: 0

Dungeon Destard Entrances:

A unicorn and a trio of adventurers walk into the dungeon Destard. The adventurer says to the beast "How do you know if someone is a virgin?" The Unicorn replies "I don't know - the Avatar just stabbed me in my face."

Adventurers Killed: 3

Mythological Creatures Killed: 1

Virgins Killed: 1



Now that's what I call service: when you can buy your meat and your fix in the same place, that is. Nobody in this town will ride the snake ever again.


Men Killed: 6

Women Killed: 5

Children Killed: 2

Homeless Killed: 2


Total Kills: 20