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The Black Gate Murders: Trinsic Has Fallen




The walled city of Trinsic has fallen.  A full accounting at a time to be determined, but here are the details.

Trinsic Murder Stats:

Men Killed: 10

Women Killed: 3

Children Killed: 0

Respawns Killed: 6 *

* The respawns included a horse, 2 dogs, a cat and two of Chantu the Healer's patients. These kinds of NPCs seem to respawn, so killing them is pointless.


Kill Order Chain:

Caroline (Fellowship member) -> Dell (Provisioner) -> Markus (Trainer) -> Apolliana (Barmaid) -> Petre (Stable Hand) -> Gargan (Shipwright) -> Klog (Fellowship Leader) -> Ellen (Klog's Wife) -> Chantu (Healer) -> Gilberto (Town Guard) -> Finnegan (Mayor) -> North Guard -> East Guard -> South Guard.

Only two survived the carnage - both companions: Spark and Iolo. No doubt, these two will eventually get tired of my wickedness and leave the party. When that happens I will have choice but to kill them. These are the rules, after all.

Image courtesy of Silva's Ultima page.


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