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Memories from D&D


It was revealed yesterday that Dave Arneson, a co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, died at the age of 61. Gary Gygax, the other co-creator, died last March. I had chatted with and interviewed Gygax numerous times, but I had never had the pleasure of picking Arneson's brain. Their collaborative effort is a big reason thousands of people have gotten into playing games, developing games and writing fantasy fiction. I know it was a huge influence for me.

I played D&D for 10+ years. I had numerous characters and adventures, but one in particular always stands out. I won't bore you with it here, but if you are interested, you can read the short story that came out of it. When you get to the part about him diving off the top of the castle, my dungon master gave me a 1% chance of survival because it was so high up. I had to roll a 00 to survive. I did. My five friends and I that had gathered that day laughed so hard when I made that roll that we had to stop gaming for the day. It ended up becoming a story these guys would tell to other gamers they played with, part of the creative D&D bonding process that tight-knit groups go through.

I visited my old DM the other day to catch up on life and we got to talking about D&D and what an influence it had been on our lives. That story came up, and he still tells people about it. The kicker? It happened almost 30 years ago.

So thanks Dave and Gary for the memories and the fun. Your creativity gave me and many others like me years of enjoyment.

Share your D&D memories. What do you remember about playing the game?