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The Best Clone You Can Be: Hero's Arms


   It's one thing to be a clone but it is quite another to do it well. Bezerk Studios' Hero's Arms is undoubtedly a clone of Zelda, but combines the experience system of Zelda II: Link to the Past with the graphical style of Zelda to create a fun little throw-away game.

And by throw-away, I mean 15 - 25 hours of disposable fun.

Instead of giving you magic spells, the game ties its magic system to your weapons. There's also money grind to purchase various weapons and armor, but there's not a lot to beyond that but explore, kill things and fight an occasional boss battle. I've only played the game for four hours or so but i'm finding it enjoyable.

Like Zelda, there's no real back story so it is tough to gauge whether or not there will be a big payoff at the end beyond beating the big bad foozle and rolling those credits. No matter - it's something to play, and a testament to what you can do in Kongregate if you have the patience and skill. Check it out at and tell me what you think.