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Mysteries of Gaming Revealed!: Why the DSi packaging is weirdly hefty.


The DSi itself is a slender, sleek little sliver of a game machine/camera hybrid. But the packaging that it ships in? That's heavy as hell. Only by tearing the box apart was I able to discover the source of the mystery weight: of course, it's the gargantuan DSi manual. This thing is a whopping 330 pages in length and--as you can see from the pic--weighs in at over 11 oz. The DSi, in contrast, weighs less than 8 ounces. Do we really need a 300-plus page manual to splain to us how to operate a machine that's supposedly one of the most intuitive pieces of hardware in gaming history? According to Nintendo, we do. For my next feat of strength, I tried to impress my cats by tearing the manual IN HALF. (Drumroll please.) But all I succeeded at was just bending it a bit. :(