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Moderator Scott Jones

Scott Jones did a great job as the moderator of the panel "But What We Really Want To Do Is Make Games," but anticipation was high before it ever started, and many of our home team didn't make it in (a LOT of people didn't make it in). I feel bad for everyone that missed out or skipped this talk altogether.

The discussion revolved around how each panelist went from being game journalists to game designers, producers, etc. The short answer was that it happened through a combination of luck, a love for gaming and good relationships with companies.

While I'm happy for the individuals on that panel (if you're living your dream, then great for you), it also worries me that many up and coming writers may be more interested in furthering  their careers and fulfilling their dreams than doing real honest to goodness reporting, critique and examination.

I'm not saying that these former employees of 1UP, EGM and Game Informer are wrong for the choices they made in their lives, nor am I questioning their integrity when they were on this side of the fence, but I am concerned that their success sends the wrong message to those hungering for an "in" to their favorite game company.

My advice for those looking to get a job at Epic, or Valve, or Electronic Arts is simple: work for a fan site and be real with your readers.

You can listen to the unedited audio from the panel right here. The title will make more sense if you do. Thank you John Teti for raising the most important question for this panel.